Customers Asked Questions

Who is the Founder of Lets Uncover?

Soban Tariq is the founder of Lets Uncover. He is a Freelancer having more than 9 years of experience. He started teaching Freelancing in 2019 on his YouTube Channel Lets Uncover.

How much time it takes to start earning online?

It depends upon your hard work. No one can tell that when you are going start earning. If you are highly focused, quick learner and stay consistent then your future in Freelancing is very bright. 

Which skill is best for me?

It depends upon your interest. The best way to find your interest is by watching introduction videos of some skills on our platform. After that if you think that skill seems interesting to you then you can enrol in it and start learning.

Which Freelancing platform is best for me?

If you are a Beginner then we highly suggest you to start your career from Fiverr, because it’s free and have huge client base.

Can we find Freelancing Clients other than Fiverr & Upwork?

Yes. There are a lot of other ways from which you can get direct clients. 

Why Lets Uncover is the best platform?

We have a proven history. We helped thousands of people to start their living through Freelancing. Most of our students are earning more than $1000+ per month. 

Can I learn for free?

Yes. There are a lot of Free courses available on our website. You can enroll and start learning from today.